72 Hour Sale @ BigBoy BeanBags

We’re having a 72 hour sale!

If you’ve you’ve always fancied one of our exclusive and Luxurious HomeBoy Beanbags™
or our best-selling BigBoy Beanbags™ then until Midnight on October 26th we’re offering
exclusive prices here online.
That’s just £225 for the luxurious HomeBoy Beanbag™
or £115 for our best-selling  BigBoy Beanbag™
and those prices include UK shipping.
So, what are you waiting for?

Ours are the finest machine washable beanbags available.

Only our beanbags are made from our soft to touch breathable waterproof fabric – not for us that sticky slippery slidey stuff!

HomeBoy - from BigBoy Beanbags

The HomeBoy™ – the ultimate beanbag.

Fridge-Blue from Bigboy Beanbag

All--Mine from BigBoy Beanbag


Alex-Festival @ Bigboy BeanBag

Our Beanbags include a separate inner bag, not only does this make it much easier to clean the outer cover, but unlike other makes, this prevents ‘blow-outs’… so embarrassing!

International Orders welcomed… the price is the same (subject to local taxes), but we ship the bags unfilled for you to fill yourself.

We also now offer Gift Vouchers across our entire range – simply choose the beanbag you would like to send as a gift, and choose the colour ‘Gift Voucher’ and we’ll send a voucher to you or directly to the gift’s recipient. 

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