Product Warning

Once again we have become aware of several companies illegally using our Registered Trademark – “Bigboy” Beanbag
in an effort to pass off their cheaper, smaller, inferior, look-alike products.

Using our Registered Trademark is misleading to you the customer, as you will not be getting one of our premium Beanbags with its unique features.
It is damaging to our Brand, and it is illegal.

So please be wary.

For the record, we never have, and never will, offer for sale our products via Amazon, Ebay, Made.com or any Group Purchasing Site.

To quote Martin Lewis of MoneySavingExpert.com:


Today I have found an unbelievable beanbag offer on GoogleAds; AMAZINGLY the price quoted, minus the VAT is less than it costs to fill and post one of our luxury beanbags.
Funnily enough it is the same price as a company called Infurn were offering two years ago on the internet.
Unfortunately these beanbags never arrived and over 10,000 customers were duped, and left hundreds of thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Oh, that’s interesting; the two companies seem to be registered with Companies House at the exact same London postcode address!

Oh, and they both use mail drop addresses with over 200 companies registered to the same address!

Oh, and both run by non UK residents!

Now, this is amazing, they both appear to have hired the same female model for their website images – incredible!

I am certain that these are all just coincidences and this new company has no connection to the previous one, and they have every intention to fulfil their orders.
It might just be worth giving them a call, to put your mind at rest. I would love to give you their number but unfortunately they do not appear to have one!

All the best,


Ours are the finest machine washable beanbags available.

Only our beanbags are made from our soft to touch breathable waterproof fabric – not for us that sticky slippery slidey stuff!

HomeBoy - from BigBoy Beanbags

The HomeBoy™ – the ultimate beanbag.

Fridge-Blue from Bigboy Beanbag

All--Mine from BigBoy Beanbag


Alex-Festival @ Bigboy BeanBag

Our Beanbags include a separate inner bag, not only does this make it much easier to clean the outer cover, but unlike other makes, this prevents ‘blow-outs’… so embarrassing!

International Orders welcomed… the price is the same (subject to local taxes), but we ship the bags unfilled for you to fill yourself.

We also now offer Gift Vouchers across our entire range – simply choose the beanbag you would like to send as a gift, and choose the colour ‘Gift Voucher’ and we’ll send a voucher to you or directly to the gift’s recipient. 

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